This is the re-named website for foodies from the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, 500 or so folks who present 50 or so courses for one another each semester.  If you’re a member of HILR and would like to join the mailing list, please email B. Ruml at the address in the member directory.

That header image is the French version of steak tartare, a mostly overlooked way to pretend you’re in Paris (or in my case, Lyons).  The previous header image was of a wonderful dish I prepare often: linguine in butter with chopped hard boiled egg, scallions, and ikura (salmon roe):

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  1. Judy Uhl

    I’m glad to see this website with the wonderful pictures. I spent my afternoon yesterday at the asian market in Medford/Malden, 188 Commercial Street. I think the name is Super 88. Amazing assortment of fresh vegetables and lots of canned or bottled sauces, condiments. I picked up various types of oyster sauces, some fresh noodles, some curry paste, bok choy. You can buy live tilapia if you are so inclined–and several other types of fish. Guess what I am having for dinner tonight.


  2. Niki theodosiou

    This weekend I spent 40 minutes making a linzertorte. The recipe came from Gourmet issue February 2009. Although I overly toasted the almonds, the torte was scrumptious. It is an easy recipe to follow and the only thing that could go wrong is not to try and make it.
    As an extra, not suggested by Gourmet, is to serve it with whipped cream and a good expresso.

  3. Heidi Vernon

    The tradition in our family of 6 kids and 10 grandchildren is that for your birthday, you can challenge me to make any cake you want. Recently the 15 year old wanted a 15 layer cake with classic French buttercream and praline. She got it. I love to share recipes so just ask.

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