Ah, New Orleans!

Just returned from three days in New Orleans (programming language conference) and thought you might like to see the most photogenic things I ate. I carefully researched the best local spots and wound up at Mother’s for their oyster po’ boy (very impressive):

I particularly enjoyed this sign hanging on the wall:

The second stop was the Bon Ton Cafe for their famous crayfish etouffee:

The final meal was at Emeril’s which offers the most spectacular lunch special for $19.99. For that price, in addition to soup, I sampled the grilled shrimp:

And the chocolate peanut butter pie:

Check it out!

One thought on “Ah, New Orleans!”

  1. Diane Engel

    New Orleans, where the locals dine out regularly, offers amazing “foodie” opportunities, even in the plainest of restaurants.

    While my daughter was a student at Tulane, we enjoyed one of the most memorable Thanksgiving dinners of our lives at a one of the more elegant restaurants, Mr. B’s Bistro, where the meal was rounded off by an incomparable bread pudding. The very fact that we could actually enjoy such a dessert after a filling dinner speaks to its lightness and flavor–quite the opposite of the classic New England “Indian Pudding”!

    The next morning, with the joy of a beignet and aromatic coffee beside the splashing fountain in a French Quarter café, we began another day.


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