Great ceviche at Oyamel in DC

We’ve just returned from 3 days in DC visiting the National Gallery and conveniently enough there’s a great Mexican restaurant within two blocks, Oyamel, at 7th and D.  They have 6-8 kinds of ceviche on the menu and we spent each lunchtime sampling (most of) them.  By far the best was this ahi tuna ceviche:

AhiTunaMenu 2

Since we ordered it four times, you get to see two different versions!


Our conversations with the ceviche chef (we asked to sit at the ceviche bar) disclosed that the Maggi-lime marinade is 1-2 Maggi to lime juice.  Maggi is the Swiss flavoring which is basically the equivalent to fish sauce as an umami bomb.  Amaranth is a grain grown in Central America and provides the crunch.  How exactly to prepare it from raw whole grains is still a mystery.  We thought the use of pecans was inspired!

We’ve discovered that information on making ceviche is not so easy to find so we’re starting a page at to have a single location for everything we discover.  Come visit and see how it’s turning out!